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Is Idaho turning wastewater into beer?

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Hits: 2A company lured me into investigating a rumor about the northwestern state.A couple months ago, a company sent me an email with a subject I couldn’t ignore: “Putting recycled water to use – in beer.” The email claimed that the city of Boise, Idaho was taking water seriously, in that it was using it […]

This pan gets better the more you use it

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Hits: 13If you’ve never heard of cast iron skillets, it’s time you were introduced. People have been using variations of these iron pans for thousands of years, and they’re still the best pans you can buy. They’re no secret, but I’ve met tons of people who had never heard of them, or never learned why […]

Did scientists just find the ancient whisky distillery from the legends?

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Hits: 6Archaeologists unearthed what may be the world’s oldest whisky still.It was only a legend. King James IV of Scotland kept a record of a whisky distillery from 1494, the first record of Scotch whisky distillation. It was the oldest record of a whisky still, but for a long time, it was just that: words. […]

How do you feed a family?

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Hits: 2In the first installment of our new series on feeding households, meet Sarah Smith, kindergarten teacher and busy mom of two who “reads the flyers like a magazine subscription.” When I sent out a general message to a number of friends, asking how they feed their hungry families on a budget, I wasn’t expecting […]

If you’re buying a Thanksgiving turkey, choose organic

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Hits: 1Help stop the rise of antibiotic resistance by choosing a bird that’s been raised drug-free. If you’re a meat-eater – which I realize many TreeHugger readers are not, but I know some of you are – then the purpose of this post is to convince you to buy an organic turkey for Thanksgiving, instead […]

Carnivore diets are ridiculous

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Hits: 0Some people think only eating meat is the best way to lose weight. Meat-heavy diet trends have been popular lately. Various diets — paleo, keto, low-carb — extoll the values of hitting fat and/or protein hard. But nothing is as extreme as the “carnivore diet,” a plan that consists of just eating meat. There’s […]

The top 10 healthy food trends for 2019

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Hits: 0The spot-on prognosticators at Whole Foods have released their predictions for the new year – here’s what to expect. When it comes to upcoming food trends we may not have soothsayers looking into crystal balls – but we do have the global buyers and experts from Whole Foods, and they seem to be super […]